Gamemela- No. 1 Indian iCafe Network

Gamemela's top priority since its beginning in 2008 has been the financial success of Indian iCafes. With the help of the Gamemela platform, iCafes can sell various Game Codes to their gamers who don't own a Credit/ Debit card by allowing them to pay for it by cash
Gamemela's service is Quick + Safe + Instant. We also support the iCafes with our team of more than 50 executives and managers who visit iCafes and help them boost their business.
Over the years, Gamemela has created a wide network with over 3,500 iCafes and has built one of the largest Game Codes sales network- both online and offline.

iCafe in Major Cities

iCafe East

  • Lucknow(181)
  • Kolkata(242)

iCafe West

  • Pune,Maharashtra(253)
  • Mumbai,Maharashtra(344)
  • Navi Mumbai(259)

iCafe North

  • Delhi(280)

iCafe South

  • Bangalore,Karnataka(435)
  • Hyderabad,AndhraPradesh(244)
  • Chennai,Tamil Nadu(104)
  • Coimbatore(230)
  • Pondicherry(158)
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Loaction_Icafe.png Delhi
Loaction_Icafe.png Lucknow
Loaction_Icafe.png Navi Mumbai
Loaction_Icafe.png Mumbai
Loaction_Icafe.png Pune
Loaction_Icafe.png Bangalore
Loaction_Icafe.png Coimbatore
Loaction_Icafe.png Pondicherry
Loaction_Icafe.png Chennai
Loaction_Icafe.png Hyderabad
Loaction_Icafe.png Kolkata



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